Meet the Lili & Koi Team

Barbara Novak, Jenni Lamb, Ashley Olshove, Jennifer Mazur


Lili & Koi was born in our kitchen in Babylon, New York.

We believe that you can have a candle smell amazing and house it in a vessel that is an elegant part of any home decor; a jar you couldn’t part with after the candle has extinguished it’s life. We live in a disposable society and the thought of having something that is typically designed to be tossed away, be repurposed because of its beauty is a lovely thought.

After that initial thought and some digging into candle making, we quickly discovered the benefits of burning coconut wax over all other waxes. Coconut wax has a superior scent throw which means you can produce long lasting and strongly scented candles using this wax. You can enjoy your candles longer because coconut wax burns slower than other wax and it can blend perfectly with other natural, harder waxes.

We also discovered the beauty, sound, and clean burn of wooden wicks. We knew what a truly high-end candle should be and while we know the cost of the other high end brands, we can’t find the reasoning behind their price tag. Not their vessel, not the scent, not even the wax or wicks.  It was at that time that we knew we had to start pouring quality candles.

Lili & Koi got its name for two reasons. Ashley and Jennifer were in Hawaii eating lilikoi, otherwise known as PASSIONfruit, when it occurred to them that we are PASSIONate about the candles we are creating.  Our candles evoke beauty, elegance, and serenity and when you split the word, you get pretty, fragrant Lillies and peaceful, calming Koi; the same qualities our candles envelop. So, Lili & Koi was born.

We are so excited to introduce our clean burning, fragrant, beautifully housed high-end candles to you and to make you part of the Lili & Koi family.